I know that I said I wasn’t going to do any shows this year – well I’ve changed my mind for the upcoming Ollerton & Bevercotes Open show 8th October
After seeing the results from the Mid Essex show it must surely give other clubs an incentive to get their arses into gear and look at how the boys in Essex have turned the so-called trend of low numbers in show, on it’s heals – well done again Essex. Having said that, it seems that numbers are going up all over the UK which is a good thing, hence my decision to support our club show. I’ve been working on the Shed but it’s at a standstill right now because of “financial restrictions” , so it made sense for me to separate out a dozen or so birds and let them settle into a separate cage. I have a definate 3 or 4, I’ll just have to see how the others look in a week or so, and just keep the ones caged and fed up.
That’ll do
See ya

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