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I’ve got a couple of things to comment on, well, actually I have more than a couple and it will depend on how much time I decide on writing this drivel.
OK, firstly I read an article in the latest C&A Birds newspaper about the decline in Opalines on the show bench, and I would agree. It said the quality has reduced, and I would agree again, however, I will put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the big breeders trying to improve the size of spot on these birds, consequently adding serious flecking on heads and also contributing to the loss of the “V” mantle on the backs of these lovely birds. You might have read that I will be trying to clean up my opaines … and some just snigger, well go ahead. I also think that this flecking has jumped into the whole sphere of budgerigars – but probably not the rares. 
I will not have badly flecked birds in my Shed, yes, I have a few that have slight flecking, but I will get them out as soon as is possible. Yep, it’s a sole crusade on getting rid of this scourge of flecking that runs through most of our birds. What I can’t understand is that fanciers put up photos on Facebook and the like, showing very badly flecked birds and saying that they are good birds …. and others put comments agreeing ….. utter crap. Flecking is a major fault and should not be seen on the show bench. But these breeders say it’s fine, just pair this flecked bird with a clean one and the problem is solved !!
No it isn’t.
How do you think this has become a problem?
It’s because of the attitude that it’s OK to use them, the flecking will appear later down the line without a doubt
So, I’ll be doing my best to get it out of my Shed ………. rant over !!


That’s one thing ………….. I’ll carry on with the others another time ….. I’ve got a headache now !


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