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I think I’m going to enjoy this blogging again, so what if nobody reads it, it keeps me off the streets – pity some of the youngsters of today don’t do the same – keep off the streets I mean and get active playing sports and the like instead of walking around all hooded up as if they don’t want to be identified with a phone attached to their faces.
So, to continue with my moaning and groaning from yesterday. Hang on a minute, I need a cup of coffee … be back in a minute or so. 





Well I’m back, but here’s a thing … while I was making a coffee for myself and a mint tea for the missus, I heard a record on the radio – it was the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2 – the record was Rod Stewart singing the Tom Wait’s classic “Tom Traubert’s Blues”. It’s been years since I heard it last, it’s a lovely version by Rod, but it got me thinking that it has been even longer since I heard the original from Tom Wait, so I got onto Spotify and played it … absolutely brilliant, I enjoyed it immensely, have a listen yourself, treat your ears.
I’ve digressed, no change there then.
I’ve lost my thread now and my brain is trying to forget the tune that spinning around my head … come on Chasey, get  a grip. 
Anyway, back on it now.
I read on one of my budgie Facebook pages that one of the BSGC has resigned. I only know David Woan with a nodding acquaintance and from what I hear from my budgie mates, he is a very knowledgeable, quiet man. And there, in itself, is the problem. David admits that belonging to the BS as a council member was like hitting his head against a wall. My take on that is that the old guard on the Council still aren’t listening to obvious progress that is needed to push the BS into this century. It’s well documented elsewhere about my views on the current situation and I won’t bore you again with it all …… but I will listen to ant requests and restate them !!!
It’s a shame that a roots member has gone and it will be interesting if any new, younger BS members put their name forward for election in the New Year ….. it needs a bloody good shake up and new thinking on how to progress and get out of this pompous, outdated twaddle that they keep spewing out to the members.
That was one of the things that I wanted to get off my chest ………. the great thing about writing a blog on my own website is that I can write what I like, anyone who slags me off can do it in silence because they won’t be heard, brilliant. That said, I will publish constructive criticism, I won’t shy away from that, as you will know. 
In the Shed;
Work is slow, as I’ve said before, it’s financial restrictions. I’ll try to get my arse into gear and update the progress on the Shed build section of this website and throw in some relevant photos. I’ve made the decision not to go with floor tiles, it’s going to be too expensive, so I’ll make a trip down to the local carpet shop and get an end of roll cushion floor, that should be OK if I get hold of a good quality bit.
I think that will do for now … toodle pip


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