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Just before I get going again …… I really enjoyed my long chat with Graham Paine yesterday afternoon, we seemed to have like minds on most things budgie. Graham belongs to the Mid Essex BS, and as some of you know, Essex was my old stamping ground growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, Basildon in fact. It’s great getting back in touch with my roots, there is something about Essex banter that hits the spot for me. Resulting from the chat, I had a video call from Ricky Anderson this morning, Ricky is also at the Mid Essex club. We chatted about this and that and how the hobby must progress in order to keep up with today’s kind of living. I was invited to join the Essex club by Graham, but it’s a long way from Rainworth ! …. but it seeded the idea of a link of some kind where I could be at the meetings, but be here in Nottinghamshire – that’s where Ricky came in. So, I might have stuff to report on later if it can be sorted.

Great stuff guys, thanks again annd I look forward to keeping in touch.



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