It’s time !

Nobody reads this shit, except for one or two like minded people, so I’ll just put a few things down to clear my mind of BS junk.

There has been an article in the C&A Birds paper this week written by a well known breeder. He has said that the BS World show could do with a re-think – well, effin hell, fancy that.

He says that there should be some sort of group set up to advise the BS Show committee on how to think outside the box, this group, he said, would be made up from experienced fanciers from around the UK – well, effin hell, fancy that as well.

Isn’t it about time the BS GC woke up. Guys, you are now being openly criticised, I just wonder how you are going to react to that article … it will not have gone unnoticed will it?

Isn’t this just an extension of what I’ve been banging on about for years now – effin hell.

Just to clarify.

I proposed a couple of years ago on another forum that the BS should be guided by a steering group with life skills …….. if you didn’t read it on that effin forum, then you can read just a part of how I’m thinking on this website …. you’ll find it under “Thoughts” title heading.

I’ll just add something of my own on the show hall ……… why is the competition hall draped in BLACK CURTAINS?

Take them down for fuck sake –  and put colourful banners all around the hall, these could be donated by the show sponsors. It’s a simple answer and get rid of this depressing outlook …. effin hell, put some spark into it for fuck sake.

I’ve got lots of ideas ……. please ask me and I’ll give them to you …….. for free. and you wont have to dig into the £160,000 that sits in the bank doing F A .

Annnnnd ……….. breathe …  …….  …… smell that wonderful coffee ….. feel better now




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