I’m bloody knackered this afternoon.

I’ve been injured with my right knee over the last 4 weeks and I played walking football again this morning – my knee held up, just, but my small but perfectly formed body is suffering ….. that’s why I’m sittin in a nice comfortable chair in the conservatory and writing shite …. oh, and I’ve got an effin headache as well ……. but it’s nice to relax and watch the birds … the wild ones and the budgies, I can see about half of the outside flight from where I sit.

There is plenty to do in the shed but I can’t get up the enthusiasm, so it will have to take a bit longer – again !!

I’m getting a bit carried away with my additional thoughts page ….. but bugger it, it’s nice to get things off my chest about the shortcomings of the BS.

I wonder if they’ll ask me to remove the BS link of this website in view of my comments ……. at least it will prove that they’re reading it !!

I think I’ll add some more now … or in a bit, a cuppa is lurking on the horizon – nice


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