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Hello Chaseyites

Yeah, I know, it’s a crap name, but unless I can come up with something more original you’re stuck with it. Just to let you know that it will take me a few blogs to get warmed up properly into blogging again. I used to blog most days on a particular forum, but I fell out of love with it, or I should say that it fell out of love with me ….. I made it known that I was going to have a break for a specific reason which was deemed to be unacceptable and they banned me … and deleted my blog which had about 60,000 hits, so it was quite popular with the membership, but not with one person in particular ….  maybe 2 of them.


Well, I am quite busy at the moment sitting on my arse writing this, but apart from that I am quite busy, you see, I’m learning a bit more about web design from my good mate Steve Miet-Piechocki, he and his wife Sue have the web design company called Suste Media CMS, they set up the basic website for me – anyway, it’s going to be a long slog sorting out the finer details … and my missus is already saying that I am sitting around too much using the laptop.

Apart from that, one of my other “Budgie mates” has asked me to make him a seed winnower, so I’ll have to get on with that soon – another trip to B&Q’s. I have a few budgies to sort out and gift to a mate – I’ve got to shift about 40 or so, I’ll sort out the better ones for him though.



Me and Diane like to take walks as much as we can to keep ourselves into some sorts of shape – yes, I’m aware that round is a shape – I also have to get the small weights out and start some daily exercise, I’m gonna have to lose about 5 kilos, and that’s quite a lot for this short, small but perfect body that I occupy.

I’m really annoyed this morning to have just learned that we are going to have to pay for watching football on the TV at £14.95 a game ! That’s bloody scandalous I’ve just upgraded my Virgin TV/internet/ phone contract, now with the thought of having to pay-for-view is outrageous. Premier clubs have just spent out over a £Billion on players in this window and we have to pay?? …. it’s getting out of hand now …. and here’s me, a poor old pensioner.

Poor me.

What else can I moan about? Yes, International footballers – Did you see the pathetic efforts of them singing the national anthems this week ? They obviously didn’t want to sing it and were probably told that they had to …. too bloody right they had to. They waffle on about the privilege of wearing the shirt, then show it with a bit more gusto and put your heart into singing the anthem, you’re all quick enough to get down on one knee to show you support for BLM, show us the same enthusiasm for your country. Bye the way, I agree with the BLM stuff, but it’s had its publicity and I cannot see the need to throw it down our throats before every game …. can you, honestly? There are a lot of things that matter just as much.

Think I’ll make a cup of tea.

I’m back.

Music … aahh music. I love it. I spend hours listening to all sorts … not classical stuff, jazz or this “get–down” stuff or whatever you call it. I am going to sound like my mum now, but I mean proper music from The Platters … who? They were the forerunners to Tamla groups like the Temptations and such like, anyway, through to The Beatles to M83 to Clapton to Bocelli to Muse. Of course there is the late and very great Otis Redding, his track “My Girl” is mine and Di’s “our song”, the Temptations version fails into insignificance in comparison. We have a cat named Otis … ‘cos e is black, although the cat has got white feet and I’ve never seen Otis Redding’s feet, and sadly never will, our other cat is called “Willow” just because that’s what we named her. As you can see I have an eclectic taste. I sit for hours with my cans on listening to my playlists on Spotify while Diane watches her crap on the TV, things like University Challenge, Just Connect and Monty Bloody Don  and other twaddle programmes … they all leave me cold. The last new album I listen to was by “Paradise Lost” – Obsidian, I like it a lot. My son Andrew, or Andy as he likes to be known, put me onto the group many years ago and I rely on him to give me the nod about other groups. We went to see Muse in Birmingham a few years ago, they were brilliant . I couple of years before that I went with my daughter, Emma, to see Pearl Jam in Manchester also excellent …. but when she said that MacCready was superb, I couldn’t agree because I didn’t have earphones then so I couldn’t pick out any particular instrument, but I still enjoyed it. I have lost a lot of my hearing and have tinnitus, I blame the start of it onto The Who, when me and Di went to see back in the 70’s, when the madman Keith Moon was still alive at the time ….. that was loud.


That’ll do for now ….. hope you enjoyed this little load of rubbish

See ya.


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