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My name is Mike Chase, although in the early part of my life in the 1960’s and 70’s I was always known as Mickey or Mick, I changed my preference in about 1990. My reasoning for that was that I went into sales management when I left the fabulous world of engineering behind, it seemed more management-like to have that name ….. yeah I know, a bit self-important of me but it’s done. That said I believe once an engineer, always an engineer.

I digressed slightly already, and you’ll have to get used to that I’m afraid, I do it all the time. I go off on tangents if something comes into my head while I’m writing stuff. The stuff I write is down to earth and I hope easy reading, I have been told that when I write it seems like I am chatting directly to you, yes you, and that is my intension and style, I am definitely not a pompous person, which is a trait in some people that I absolutely detest, so if you are pompous this blog is definitely not for you I’m afraid, also if you are easily offended by comments that are too near the truth or a bit mischievous then you’re another group that should say bye-bye right now, but I will never be disrespectful although sometimes I ……….!!

I write with a sense of humour, don’t expect serious stuff on this blog, say for where it is in context with what I’m writing.

My delights in my life are firstly and definitely my family, even though they might get a ribbing or two on the blog. My other crazes are music, breeding budgerigars, football and writing, I would like to say playing walking football, but I had to give that up earlier this year (2020), I would also like to say that I play the 2 guitars that I have but that is a matter of opinion.

Right then, I think I’ve got rid of the majority of the first time readers of my blog, so I can get on and enjoy myself by entertaining the remaining few with my slant on life and the world we occupy.

I think that’s about it for the introduction, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next blog.

Keep safe and well.

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