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Blog 4

 Hello, well I’ve given you a short break from my crap, so here’s a short catch-up.

 Sunday was the same as usual, except that I had the screaming hump about Spurs throwing away a 3 goal lead … I don’t know why I get so affected by a bad football result, it’s quite pathetic really, I’m a grown man – it’s true that I haven’t grown much since I was about 10, but nevertheless, I’m now a man … sort of. Anyway, I thought it might be an idea to take a trip to Kings Mill hospital A&E department, a long story short, 999 nee-na-nee-na with blue lights outside my house at about midnight. I get into A&E ward, I’m immediately confronted by some sort of individual who is either pissed out of his head or drugged up to his eyeballs, which were hardly visible and trying to look through two horizontal slits on his face, he had a cannula in one arm and a bandage on the other, he was in a right uncontrollable state. Next bed to him was another waster who I think might have been dead. Your irrepressible dropout was all over the place – I watched him being an arsehole along with the nursing staff for about half an hour when they decided enough was enough … in went a syringe full of stuff and then, zonk, he was out. All of this, while I’m waiting for medication and an x-ray. Finally, they pumped some stuff into me, they had already done the heart monitor, then off to x-ray, then back again and some more fluid into my vein via cannula. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what my problem was – Pain !! pain in my chest, I thought to myself; not another effin heart attack, I just haven’t got time for this ……. anyway, it wasn’t, it is what they believe is gallstones, so I’m waiting for an ultrasound appointment.

What an exciting life I lead. Poor Di was beside herself with worry because she wasn’t allowed to come with me because of the COVID thing.

 Not so happy daze



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