Beginner or not a Beginner – That is the Question

In late 2016 there was an apathy towards members of the BS to write, or put forward, personal articles for “The Budgerigar” magazine – the bi-monthly magazine is edited by Terry Tuxford. He put out an appeal to the members of the EBF ….. I was the only one to respond !, somewhat of a disappointment I have to say. The article became quite lengthy, so I asked Terry if it could be split into 2 parts, ensuring something in the next edition, he agreed. 

So, here it is. There is a very slight difference between what was published and what I wrote because Terry thought it prudent to edit one or two sentences because he thought they might cause concern in various quarters. I’m obviously not telling you where the differences are – sorry !

I feel it only fair to the BS members and the BS itself that I publish Part 2 only after it appears in the magazine.

You will find a lot of the stuff already in this website in various places, that being said there is added stuff that I thought might embellish the article.

Hope you enjoy it.