This story is about out lovely boy, Baldrick, out cat. I have nicked this extract from my life story book.


The last pet we had was Baldrick. We got him as a kitten from the RSPCA in 1989. I didn’t want a cat, I hated the things.. They used to leave their shit all over the garden and it stank to high heaven. We moved from the shop to our house in Costessey, Norwich. Our son was a very hyper child and the doctor recommended that we buy a cat that would be a calming influence for him. So we took the docs’ advice and went to have a look at what kittens there were at the RSPCA cat rescue centre, not actually intending to bring one home with us at the first visit. We were shown into this shed where the kittens were kept, there were a few to choose from. There was a little one all by its self, huddled up in the corner. Of course we asked to see that one, I can’t remember, it could have been our son or our daughter who first picked him up, but who ever it was quickly handed him to me. There he was, all curled up in the palm of my hand – just as the kids had me – well, I fell in love with this little bundle of fur, we paid the £6  fee to the RSPCA and took him home straight away.
He was a tabby and white, it was such a lovely addition to our family, we all loved him to bits. When his end came I cried for days. My eyes are filling up just typing this, I miss him so much.
He wasn’t a scatty cat, although he had his moments. He was a tabby and white. He even came into the aviary with me and just sat and watched the budgies flying around – he knew that he didn’t a have a chance of catching them – he couldn’t even catch the birds that came into our garden. Watching him was comical, he used to stork the bird and settle himself as low as he could on the ground, with his bum sticking up in the air, you could always tell when he was going to strike because his bum would wiggle from side to side and then he pounced – about 2 seconds too late. Either that or he used to get distracted during the wiggle process, by another bird flying by or an itch that he just had to scratch, his prey was off like a flash !Baldrick lost his sight a few years before we moved to Spain, but that didn’t stop him from finding his way around the house, well, he had lived there all of his life so he knew the place inside out.
We decided to bring him with us to Spain, the expense just wasn’t an issue – it cost us £500 by the way – what ever we did the decision was going to be the wrong one as far as I was concerned. We thought of asking Emma and Chris to keep him for us, but they already had 3 cats to look after, it wouldn’t be fair to them, or Baldrick. Asking Andrew wasn’t going to be fair either, so we took him. He was never happy. He was completely disorientated with the new house here, he must have felt completely confused, poor little cat. We think that his end came onto him quicker than it might have done if we were in the UK. He had a tumour behind his eye and affected his co-ordination and in the end he didn’t even know who we were. So sadly Diane and I had to take him to the vet and send him on his way as gently as we could – but he fought it every step of the way. I did manage to tell him that I was sorry though, when he was laying on the vets table after he had gone to sleep, I cried so much at that moment, I didn’t hold back at all, I have become very sensitive nowadays towards these sorts of things, am I getting old or am I just realising the vulnerability of everything? – We had to leave him there as we didn’t have a garden to bury him in house Spain, but I’m sure we’ll give him a little spot in our garden in the new place that we’ve bought – I really hope that he forgives me.
Here’s a little piece I put together a couple of weeks after we lost him.
He was our friend and a part of our lives and as cool as a cat could be.
We brought this tiny piece of fur home from the RSPCA – for the kids, of course!
He gave us an early fright with a dickey heart, but he battled through it.
Cost us a fortune – little bugger – but worth every pound.
He left his mark wherever he went – in fur-balls
But he never climbed the curtains or ruined carpets – unlike most cats.
He used to go missing overnight – we roamed the streets looking for him –
Silly – he was probably watching us from under a bush and grinning
He always came home,
It was some years before he lost his sight, but he didn’t seem to bother.
He just hung around the place and slept even more than before.
On the patio, in the conservatory or in the greenhouse
We got our house burgled and he took punishment from the intruders
They kicked him and split his tongue – he went missing for 24 hours.
The local papers ran the story – even the Daily Express
I wonder if he ever knew that he was famous.
What a wonderful little addition to our family
Now sadly gone from us, but he wasn’t happy with life anymore
Even in the sun of Spain.
He surely is happier now
Hope so
We miss you Baldrick – keep yawning and purring
Lots of Love xxx


It’s a strange thing losing a precious pet, it’s somehow just as bad as losing a human that you love – but love is love isn’t it.


Lots of Love our little mate