Breeding Stuff


Breeding cages

You will have seen photos in the Build section, that I have a block of 9 breeding cages 3 x 3.

They measure 25” wide x 14” deep x 19” high. Given the choice I would have slightly smaller cages as I believe there is a lot of wasted space in the height. Ideally 24”wide x 14” deep x 16” high – this would allow me to get another row of 3 cages in to the block making  12 breeding cages in the block, and believe me when I say that I am in need of the extra cages.

Here are a couple of photo’s of how I set up the breeding cages, the nestboxes are not fixed on yet, so this will give a better idea of how they look.

Nest Boxes



I use wooden box in box type nest boxes, with removable concave’s.  

I like this type of box because for me they are easily cleaned when in use, and also allows me to observe eggs and development of chicks very easily. I will use woodchip for bedding however I’m going to get hold of some Tropibed to see if I like it. It’s a natural product so I can think of any disadvantages to it. 


I definitely like the idea of hide for the youngsters in a breeding cage. These hides that came with the breeding cages have only one hole for the birds to get in and out. My fear with this design is that a chick is able to get itself in there and starve, so to combat that scenario I always turn the hide round so that the hole is against the cage back wall, this way I can easily if a chick has been in there for too long. 

These also double up as feeding platforms, it keeps the seed feeders off the cage floor

27/4/18 Update;

Since the initial build, things have changed a bit with the extending of the breeding Shed, I have now use of the whole garage area. I am in the process of building a new set of plastic breeding cages and I have also got some plastic nestboxes – box in box type again.

So,  I will update from time to time to keep you in the picture.