The Build – I built it my way

Just a quick note; If you have gone straight onto this page you’ve missed a bit, go back to “The Shed” and read just a little more.

The aviary build from start to finish ? Well almost, it?s working progress. Our garden is quite small, but I wanted to build an aviary and keep budgies again. Diane and I made a compromise and I had half the garage to convert into the breeding room, which I will refer to as ?The Shed? from now on, and Di would have the remainder of the garden to do with it what she likes. I wanted to have a pretty large outside flight for 2 reasons.

Firstly I’m a firm believer of having an outside flight rather than an inside one, in my opinion it helps the bird keep fit and healthy.

The second is that Diane, likes to watch the birds get up to their antics and ? I don’t blame her for that because so do I.

To me, breeding budgies is not just about breeding winners, but sit back and admire the sheer beauty of these birds.

This is the story of my efforts to build the aviary from when I started the mission in 2013 until about now – 2015

This is how it is right now, but it will change in the future because after much “discussion” we have decided that I need more space to breed my lovely budgerigars, so the other half of the garage will be given up to the birds. It’s going to take some planning, so I won’t be rushing into it. I shall be sharing my thoughts on the layout on my blog on this site as well as getting advice and guidance from my mates on the Exhibition Budgerigar Forum – EBF.