General Stuff

Here we go with yet another load of tosh about what goes on in The Shed. As I’ve said before, there are no revelations, but to me just common sense. Having said that, when visitors to my shed see what lengths that I, or we the breeders, do to keep our sheds clean astounds them and when I sit back and think about it there is a lot. I won’t be going into everything here, just the obvious stuff we buy and use regularly.


Poultry Shield

I started using this product 2 years ago when I had a very bad infestation of red mite.
I put all of the birds into the outside flight because this stuff is lethal to our lovely pals. Wearing a mask, I hovered up the mite as best I could and took all materials out of the room as well, so I just had the raw shed and cages. I then proceeded to spray all surfaces with a diluted measure of P.S. this spray bottle is not used for anything else in the shed.
Like all hobbies that are to do with livestock, cleanliness is of paramount importance. That’s not to say that sheds and aviaries should be clinically clean to an inch of their lives, but common sense is required. You might find that some breeders sheds are not to my standards, and if it works for them and disease is not rife, then, quite frankly, what do I know ?
What I do know is that I have standards, however, I’m not a saint and I often lapse and cleaning becomes more of a chore than it is already. So I do a wipe round as often as I remember!
As my set-up is not a huge one, it is in truth quite easy to keep clean. I do not use specialist aviary cleaning products for this purpose, with one exception – I use Poultry Shield to control red mite, the scourge of livestock houses.
Any mite that remained were quickly eradicated, you are able to see the results immediately because they and their droppings turn green, they are often in places where you just don’t expect them to be, that’s why every surface is covered.
I wiped the contaminated areas with a dilute water/PS and let it dry.
I then went round with the spray again and repeated the procedure. I sprayed into all the holes and crevices to get rid as best I could.
All perches were also cleaned with the dilute and rinsed in clean water and dried.
When the whole pace was dry, I let the birds back into the shed.
It worked because to date I have had very little trouble with them since. I keep them under control by always having a strong dilute of the liquid in a small spray bottle.
These two sprayers are never used for anything other than this product – note the meticulous artwork on the larger bottle. 
For all other cleaning I just use branded anti bacterial sprays etc. I will use bleach for cleaning  any dirty cloths and buy packets of these scourer / sponge things, I use them until the scourer has gone then dispose.
I have to say that the introduction of a sink with hot and cold water has been a brilliant addition to the shed and makes cleaning much easier rather than the old bucket and chuck it method.