This was my follow up bit after the B.W. publication – just a bit of fun, but there is a message. That said, my views haven’t changed even now in 2016.

I’m Famous – Controversial ? – Do I Care

The resulting fame from my recent article in Budgerigar World has inspired me to write again !!
As you probably know B.W. took the piece from our own WNBC Newsletter.
Can I live with this newfound fame ? , Yes, I think so !
Thanks to all of you who have phoned me from within the club, also others from around the area.
It only took about an hour to write it so I am sure there are many of you at the WNBC that can pull a few words together about our hobby that we all enjoy – it might even make it more enjoyable. It could make our meetings a little more interesting if we were to discuss and debate our written words.
I don’t particularly like putting thoughts into print, possibly because I might make foolish statements or observations and could loose any “Street cred” I might have – There you are, is that a foolish statement to say that I have a little “Street cred” ?
Frankly, it doesn’t matter.
These are only a few words I am writing for our newsletter whilst listening to the latest Sting CD. Now there’s talent eh!? But lots of people don’t like Sting’s music or his controversial views on the wanton destruction of the World’s rain forests, however, he believes desperately in his views and talks and writes about them – and he doesn’t care about whether people agree or disagree with him. Perhaps we should be the same, obviously in a much smaller way, and write about our hobby, Budgerigars.
The decline of the rain forests is out of our immediate control, but the decline of our club, newsletter, web page and the hobby in general, is within our control – our input is vital to the future of our club.
I am the same as most of you, I like to be liked, but I don’t go out of my way to upset or please people, however, if I do along the way, then that’s up to the individuals concerned, either way. – There you are again – controversial or not ? – It doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things does it.
So, what is the real purpose of these few words this month?
Well, the Newsletter has been running for 6 issues now with Brian (a new member to our club) being the driving force behind them all. I think if we want to be a “Progressive” Budgerigar Club“ then we need to be getting the word “out there”, so other clubs can see that we are getting a club together that is for the 21st Century and not the 20th.
So, come on, lets’ hear more of your views and observations about this great hobby of ours – I dare you to be controversial.
Let’s be the best budgerigar club in East Anglia.
Let’s be the club that others outside our area want to visit.
Let’s be the club that has 1st Class shows.
Let’s be the club that is being noticed for its positive attitude toward the hobby.
Let’s go for it.
Controversial, radical, what do you think?
Come on, send your pieces of paper to Brian, Rick or Myself to publish, you never know you might become famous like me in Budgerigar World
Controversial –
I don’t care, I just want our club to be successful – don’t’ you ?
 Mike Chase