More thoughts from Chasey

I dont want these further thoughts to end up being a slagging off of various subjects – by me. So I will try to be subjective as I feel I always am and hope to write about my likes and dislikes of our wonderful hobby.

I might change various titles into sub categories, it just depends how it’s going.

It’s clear that I don’t sit on any fences, but I don’t intend to insult or hurt anyone whatsoever in these following pages. I don’t take prisoners, so if you’re uncomfortable with my critiques then read something else and don’t get the hump. As usual I might go off on one, but that is to be expected of Chasey.

This new page does not take the place of my blog page on this website, so if you do want to comment then please be my guest and use the blog page comments bit ….. thanks.

So here we go;

The BS Show at Doncaster

There have been a few top breeders coming out and giving constructive criticism in Cage & Aviary Birds weekly newspaper, about the show …. and about time too. I won’t repeat their thoughts here, but I will endorse anything that I have been saying for many years now, but has fallen on deaf ears – maybe now, the BS will wake up and smell the coffee.

From the outset of this discussion, rather than having replies or questions that might be originated from the C.I.D. or The Special Branch, I would propose that any replies might have some sort of solutions rather than criticism in order to see if BS members are in fact serious about change, or just want to have the same old arguments and stay with a mediocre society as it is right now.


I realise that there are many aspects of the BS which are very sound and should be encouraged to continue – but with perhaps variations.

The Club Show being one of them.

There is absolutely no doubt that the current Show committee do a fabulous job, and I would not want to dent the enthusiasm or commitment from them, so please respect that I am not criticising in  any way their dedication to the Show and all the peripheries that go with it.

There is an obvious problem with the siting of the venue, not that it’s in Doncaster but the said council are against caged animals and anything to do with them. This is why there has been no local advertising allowed of this WORLD show.

So why stay there?

It is doing the BS and the hobby no favours whatsoever. The venue itself has far too many diverse things happening under the same roof – some might say that this is a good thing because it would attract the general public who are in the building to come and have a look at our WORLD show. Well,to be perfectly honest they don’t come in and look, maybe just a handful at most over the weekend. One of the main reasons for this is because when you are under the roof of “The Dome” you will not be aware that the show is in progress because there are no advertising signs about the place for people to read. And, did you know that the Budgerigar WORLD Show is not even listed as an event on their website. Not even the switchboard operator was aware that there was a WORLD show going on at the venue, I know this to be a fact because I phoned them myself to find out some information – but the operator didn’t have any information to give me on the WORLD show!

How bad is that? 

I can give you the answer, it’s terrible.

So why haven’t these couple of points been rectified by the BS Show organisers, perhaps it has been sorted now? I really don’t have a clue. Incidentally, I been told by one of the show organisers that I don’t have a clue generally, anyway ….. hey-ho.

I’m told that one of the reasons why it stays at The Dome is logistical, by that they mean that it will be a huge uplift of show materials to another site and move to one which will give the adequate storage facilities.

Well, so what.

The BS has a massive fund in the bank of circa £160,000 as I write this in November 2017 ……. use a fraction of this effin money and find a new venue. It doesn’t take much thinking to come up with that conclusion does it? Yes, there will be difficulties,yes, there will be quite an expense to do it …… spend some of the members money. I bet you that there would be help given  ….. if the BS would swallow some pride and ask it’s membership for it ….. or am I wrong.

There are many, many members of the BS scattered around the country that have a local knowledge, so I would suggest that the BS puts out a general request in the bi-monthly BS magazine, which EVERY MEMBER OF THE BS WILL READ BY THE WAY, for suggested new sites, someone will know somewhere won’t they. Of course, let’s be realistic, it has to be more or less central in the UK and be on a reasonably easy route from the many of the motorways we have in this country – or is that too easy.

I might add some more stuff about the venue at another time.

Now then, in the hall itself, just assuming that it the future venue …….. I bloody hope not.

Black curtains ……. really ?  How many more years are we to be confronted with these drab, depressing black curtains all around the walls of the hall? Our show cages are black ……….. far too much black. Some might say it’s dramatic, I would say it’s miserable, gloomy and dismal.

We have numerous sponsors that support the show, so why doesn’t someone approach them all and ask for a donation of suitable material that will cover the windows, using their own colourful logos – it’s a one off expense for them and solely free advertising. If they are not agreeable to such a request then sobeit, it will show us who is serious with the BS and who isn’t. If no one coughs up, then look around for other sponsors who will support a WORLD show. If all else fails, then spend some of the members money that sits in the bank, doing absolutely nothing for the membership, spend it on decoration, We have one of the most colourful hobbies on the planet and what are we doing? We adawn the show hall of the WORLD show in BLACK …… it’s not the way we should be progressing as a hobby if we want to attract the general public into our lives and our beautiful birds.



Just so that we’re absolutely clear about this.

This is BLACK


More words on the venue;

For me the venue doesn’t flow at all, it seems disjointed at the least. 

I think I am correct in saying that trade tables have declined in recent years, why is this?

I have no idea, perhaps it’s the “flow” thing, I don’t know. Something else I don’t know is, have the BS done any activity on recruiting more trade sellers and give encouragement.

There are lots of things I/we don’t know … so just as an aside and go off subject for a minute … why dont the BS make full use of their website, or even on their Facebook page, and give snippets of upto date bits of information like letting us know that they are on the case with differing projects – we are always in the dark.

I don’t go into the actual show details very often, but here is my view on the event;

  • The show should be 2 days, not 3. There are many breeders that are not prepared to take their birds out of their sheds for this amount of time, This is quite obvious to everyone. It has been expressed to me that Saturday afternoon is very sparsely attended by members and public alike, so why not cut this option out altogether?

Here are my outlined ideas for the 2 day show ….. I have not gone into finite detail, Please note well – it’s an overview.

  • Friday will be for trade stands etc and all show paraphernalia to be dealt with on this day

  • Birds accepted on Saturday morning from agreed times, say 07.00 to 11.00 am.

  • More judges assigned for the show in order to get the showing aspect finished quicker.

  • Judging starts at say, 11.30am

  • Exhibitors encouraged to help as stewards or just helpers to get the birds onto the benches – they have made the journey there why not have a cuppa on the house and help out for an hour or two.

  • No public or members entry for Saturday – the Hall is for all intents and purposes, CLOSED.

  • Sunday entry for public and members from agreed times, let’s say 09.00 to 15.00, lifting will commence on the completion of ceremonies.

I’m a realist and I am quite aware that there are some unscrupulous members that will be showing birds In order to head-off this type of breeder and knowing that this might be the opportunity for devious members to knobble other members birds when putting them onto the show benches – I’m a pragmatist  remember.

So I would propose;

  • Coloured bibs or tunics to be worn by temporary helpers and stewards. My reasoning is that Beginners should not bench other beginners show cages, and Champions will not bench other Champions cages. Therefore, every helper/steward would ware the coloured bib for another section. For the purpose of this proposal;

  • A Beginner helper/steward would only be allowed in the Intermediate section – BLUE bib.

  • A novice helper/steward …. Champion section – RED bib

  • A champion helper/steward …. Beginner section – YELLOW bib

  • An Intermediate helper/steward …. Novice section – GREEN bib

  • Misc birds, ie BOC’s etc ….. ORANGE bib.

Strict rules would apply that no cross-over of colours into different sections would be permitted, therefore guaranteed security.

  • I propose that ALL show officials will wear an agreed colour tunic – after seeing how they do things in Australia, I thought it was something that we need to adopt in UK. If the higher ranked show officials want recognition, which is probably required, then they have a simple pin-on badge.


The cash outlay of bibs would be minimal to the BS, they are approximately £2 each

 Am I antagonistic and opinionated?

Antagonistic – I believe not.

Opinionated, YES I am.

I sincerely believe that I propose questions that others think about but NEVER air, in the conviction that they might come under criticism from pro BS supporters. This observation really gets us nowhere as a Society.