The BS Ring issue debate



Now, here’s the thing guys.

2018    MEANS    2018.   It does not mean late December 2017.


Have I got your attention now ?

There are many reasons why some breeders want their rings before 1st January 2018, but I believe the over-riding reason is that they pair up in November, chicks start hatching and perhaps they are running short of 2017 rings, or they are super competitive and want their potential youngsters to have that extra 2 weeks growth and maturity over fellow competitors showing in the same section, and giving a better chance of claiming “Best Breeder in Show”.


Or am I wrong ?

There is an obvious answer guys – – – – Pair your birds a bit later. The tradition for me was to pair up on Boxing Day, or as near to it as possible, therefore there was no worrying about getting my rings in time. Un fortunately, I also have dropped into that habit since I came back into the hobby and paired up in November, but with the sorts of problems seen this December 2017 I will be going back to my old regime …. that is pairing up on, or near Boxing day.

It’s a simple thing to solve for yourself, however, it is my belief that the BS and the ring suppliers should take equal blame for the ridiculous debacle …. I do not believe the Post Office should be blamed at all ………. bloody hell guys, it’s the Christmas period and the Post Office have to cope with a massive influx of post, and guess what, it’s from you and me and all your mates and family. You expect your Xmas cards to be delivered, presents etc before the Big Day  …….. and on top of that a couple of thousand packs of rings are in the mix. Be reasonable.

So, just to put some meat on the bones of why I think blame is a double header between the BS and the ring suppliers.

Being a sole supplier of any product is an ideal situation for the supplier, but can be a disaster for the client.

I spent many years during my career in sales trying to establish sole supply contracts.


Because you have control. Competitors have to work very hard to break the relationship that has built up between many layers of the two companies in the partnership. When you mess up there is time to put it right …. but someone along the supply chain suffers – in our case it is that we don’t get our rings on time.

Now, if the BS had a back-up or alternative supplier, the problem is a different one. Have no doubt that the second string supplier will be waiting to pounce on any mistakes make by the lead supplier – believe me, I know through my own experiences having been in both camps and either lost a massive chunk of business or on the other hand, gained and helped toward my “new business ” budget for the year …. happy bunny Chasey.

I have no doubt that the current supplier to the BS are committed to them, but maybe, just maybe, they become complacent and we suffer as a result.

I have absolutely no doubt that the time has come for the BS to put out the feelers for a second supplier of rings and get it sorted soon. I also believe that you will see an improvement in quality of aluminium rings as well – there have also been quality issues in the past as well and because of this sole supply situation the BS have no leverage whatsoever and have to accept what they are told … I suspect – unless you can assure otherwise.

As for plastic rings, I hate them and will stick with ali.

The supply situation is probably the same for plastic rings, but I don’t think the business at this moment in time, is large enough to split the supply.

But whatever happens, any contract between the BS and the ring supplier should include a penalty clause of sorts so that any problems are taken on board by the supplier and financially penalised. It is my belief that the BS are far too soft right now ………. unless you can assure me otherwise.

I’ll sum up;

  • The BS should make no promises on deliveries before the Christmas period, but must guarantee supply before the 1st

  • Breeders should not expect to get rings before the official issue date, ie. 1st January, if they do, it must be seen as a bonus and NOT an expectation.

  • Breeders pay their money for rings by a certain date in the November, that’s the agreement, don’t moan that the BS have had your money for a month and you have no rings, it’s the agreement.

  • Pair up birds to a different time schedule – nothing will change if you pair up 2 weeks later will it, just maybe your own conveniences.

  • There should be a definite dual supply of ring supplier of aluminium rings to the BS and make it a bit more of a business arrangement rather than a cosy mate’s thing. I can’t make up my mind about the supply of plastic rings right now, but I don’t think the technology is available for the small quantities required to become competitive.

This is not a definitive view, and I might add to the list later on.