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My 2015 Budgerigars

As I’ve mentioned before in my website, any birds that I have bred in my own shed are the ONLY birds that I will, or have ever shown. I am a firm believer that showing birds that have not got the owners personal BS number, is a definite no,no. Others have a differing view, and that’s fine for them, but to my mind it’s pointless and cannot give you any satisfaction whatsoever …. except of coarse BS points if they win, but that can’t be right , surely.

2015 Lutino Hen

I’m not a great fan of Lutinos, but when this one popped out of the nest I quite liked her. So she stayed for a while until I gifted her to a mate who needed more Lutinos.
When a good one pops out, it’s quite nice, but they usually end up as pets.
When I get a bit more into Texas Clearbodys, I shall need some, but as my breeding of TCB’s has not been too successful, I’ll hold fire on them. 

2015 Grey Green cock 

This is another colour variety that I’m not at all keen on. In order to win anything in a show, these birds have to be a good size, at least that’s how it seems to me. I find these birds quite boring in colour, but of course I have quite a few in my shed. Probably because I need to size into my birds. In other word, a necessary evil ……well, not that evil !

Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green 2015


Looks as if it might be a duster but it turned out to be a very good stock hen.

Lt Green Hen 2015

2015 Shows

Notts and Derby show 2015

Lt Green – Winner Best Beginner Young Bird


This is the youngster above. It was her first show, I was pleased to get a C.C. and diploma, along with a glass tankard. 


Ollerton & Bevercoates Show 2015