This is my 2016 Showteam

Here are some of my 2016 late bred youngsters, quite pleased with these. The pairs were set down in November and are currently on the second round of chicks – I’ll be happy if I get the same quality.

Note at Feb 2017

These youngsters above are from 2 nests, but the families are closely related. I think they have real quality, but of course I’m biased, however, I am trying to be constructive as well. I’m looking forward to them moulting through and get them into 2017 showteam. Unfortunately they all have 2016 rings, so will have to go into adult classes which could be their downfall this year, but who knows where they will be in 2018 season.

Just a quick snapshot above of an early nest, I can’t actually say if it’s any of these birds in the photos.

Cinnamon Grey Green, nice all round bird – there are 3 siblings but this is the best of the nest. I will be keeping the remaining youngsters because they will be good stock birds to form a nice family line.

This is a lovely Opaline Lt Green, it’s one of two from the same nest. This one is nicely marked and has a clear mantle, but time will tell if that remains …. a very clean looking youngster. The sibling is similar in all aspects although it’s mantle is not clean – I prefer this one to thee other if I’m honest.

This is a stunning Lt Green, in my opinion, and also my favoured variety/coloured budgerigar. I have a feeling this will do well on the showbench this year …. hope I’m not spouting too soon !

Sadly this youngster met it’s maker – shame because she was a very nice bird.