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Welcome to a new page on the website.

This is my attempt to put a bit more life into the whole thing. I think I should point out that there might be bits within my commentaries are tongue – in – cheek and should not be taken seriously or taken out of context …….. thanks

Selected breeding stock April 2018

This video takes a look at my selected breeding cocks and hens for the coming breeding season. I’ve also separated out the Opalines so that I can pair them together and start my quest of finding the perfectly marked Opaline. This will be a difficult task and truly a long term project …. but I have to start at sometime, and this is it.


Breeding pairs April/May 2018

I thought that I’d share with you my breeding pairs that were selected, with the help of my mentor Andy Edden. My birds are getting more towards the standard that I need to end up with – this DOES NOT mean that I will be breeding those overweight, over feathered monsters that have problems flying. I have come to accept that the modern bird has changed from the bird that I remember in the year 2000 when I last bred budgerigars, and I have no option if I want to buy outcrosses. However, have no fear, I will not be going down the route of extremes which in my opinion is detrimental to this bird – remember what happened with the bulldogs that were bred to make the grade at Crufts and resulted in dogs that had all sorts of medical problems ?? I realise that I will forfeit any winning at shows, but thats the price I have to pay.

End of rant …… but you know whee I stand on the “modern bird”.

Opaline Pairs – April/May 2018

This is my first stage of breeding the perfectly marked Opaline. Over the so-called progress of the modern budgerigar, the Opaline has been ruined by the exhibition breeders that wanted the larger spot, which the Opaline naturally has, into other varieties. The Opaline has developed over time into a very ugly bird with most markings defined by the BS, lost. Many have developed an flecked head, lost the lovely wing markings and lost the “vee” shaped mantle on it’s back. So here I go with the quest.

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