Stage 2 – The Outside Flight


The Flight

The ground was sloping away from the end of the garage quite a bit, so my first task was to get rid of the rubbish and level the ground. The shed will be inside the garage and the “bob hole” for the birds would knocked through on that wall. I decided to make the hole 2 bricks high and 1 brick wide, but with hind site, I should have made it larger so that the birds are able to fly in and out of the shed without landing on the entrance.

The flight footings

I dug out footings on 3 sides at about 6″ wide and the same (150mm) deep.

The Dwarf Wall


Next thing was to built a dwarf wall with coping slabs on top. I blinded off the base and shovelled stones on top for easy cleaning and drainage. A hose will do the job. This will also prevent mice and rats burrowing under the brick wall and into the base – then there would be untold problems ahead.

The wooden frames are constructed with 1″ x 2″ timber, when screwed together make a sturdy 2″ x 2″. I’ve used 1″ x 1/2″ wire mesh, since this photo I’ve added an outside skin for extra protection against vermin and hawks. The only thing beyond the garden are farmers fields, so the hawks and other birds of prey are always there – although they don’t trouble me too much, thankfully.

The wooden frame for the flight


 The finished outside flight

I’ve used apple branches in place of standard perches, although there a one or two now. I believe that the natural look is less clinical than dowelling and also make the birds more energetic as well as exercising their feet with differing shapes and sizes. 

It’s great to watch the birds enjoy the variation. The hens love stripping the bark when they are coming into breeding mode as well, it’s a pretty good indicator and gives me a nudge into setting up the breeding cages in the shed.