Stage 3  – The Extension

The first job was to sort out the floor, as I had done on the original build. So it was the messy job of coating the concrete with black bitumen sealer – I used water based this time because of the hideous fumes that comes from the solvent based type.

When it was dry I fitted the wooden rafters and insulated with 2″ polystyrene before topping it with 16mm thick OSB, this brought the level up as the original.


I didn’t take any progress photos of the deconstruction of the old breeding Shed, just to say that all the construction of the 2nd half of the old garage into a full length Shed was done in mainly the same format as before.

The dividing wall come out as soon as the floor was fitted in the 2nd half. I moved the workbench to the right hand side as you walk in, I also fitted the 2 cupboards which were over the sink. One over the workbench and the other underneath, so I haven’t lost any storage space.

It made sense to fit the wall cladding vertically instead of the original horizontal, as I’ve said before, I’m hoping that the ledges won’t hold as much dust as before. I decided against tiling the floor and got hold of a very good vinyl flooring, primarily  for economic reasons as the budget to get the work done was going to spiral out of my budget. 

I got rid of the old fluorescent strip lights and bought some LED’s, they give off a great daylight and will cost a fraction of the dosh that the fluorescent ones cost …. so that’s good. You can’t see them, but I also replaced my security lights outside with LED type as well, more dosh saved.

At last the inside flight is ready for the birds and I think they love it !!

It looks a little “Heath Robinson”, but I don’t have a fortune to shell out so I’ve used older, used stuff and recycled it.

The righthand flight front is the ols corner flight that the birds and I hated. I’ve had to slightly adjust the existing flight, but it looks OK to me now. I purposely made a half flight because my birds have plenty of room outside, so I didn’t see it as an issue. It gives me a choice of either building a new flight for youngsters or storage ….. But I will make up my mind at a later stage, it’s a bit dull down there for birds so I’ll have to put in another LED. I’ll have to move the Airvac as well later.

This is where the 2 sets of cupboards were – over the sink – in the old set-up. Now it’s going to have a year planner stick to it, I haven’t used a year planner before, mainly because I didn’t have a large enough blank wall, so now I will be able to see what’s ahead in the coming months and how I can accurately plan out my year, things like shows. It will also be a great visual for when the birds have had, or are due for treatments etc.

There will be a shelf along the full length of the area, this is for looking at the birds when I put them up in the show cages. The LED light over the sink gives a fantastic light for observing the birds.

Ill fix another shelf on the adjacent wall for the washing up stuff as well.

Still unfinished as yet. 

The dividing wall and door will be set inside the white painted (undercoat) wooden frame that you see, it will be all mesh, I’m hoping to fit 1″ x 1″ x 3mm wire mesh, but it might be too pricey, so standard wire might be the short term option.

The breeding cages will go along the left hand wall, I’ve decided on 12 breeding cages – 4 x 3 high for the time being. I’ll build the frame so that I can expand or whatever later on.

I’ve still got to figure out how to enclose the space under the worksurface and sink ….. maybe tomorrow ….. or the next day … or  ……….

I’ve started the breeding cages at last.

I must admit that I thought my Shed wall/floors/ceiling were quite in square – how wrong was I ? 

But I’ve got started on it that’s the main thing.

I probably overthought the whole project, and I had lots of nights thinking about upcoming problems – sad eh !!?



One of the big problems was stopping the floor/roofs from sagging, even though they were supported on 3 sides – it took me quite a few hours to come up with the solution and this is how I’ve done it – probably a little over-engineered, but it’s now quite sturdy.

It’s a constant challenge keeping the lumps of plastic true to all of the things I just mentioned, so it’s taking a lot more time that I thought it would. You’ll notice the 6 vertical plastic strips, they will keep the floors/ ceilings of the cages from sagging as the Shed floor is taking all the pressure, seems to be OK right now. They will also create guides for the divider sheets as well, so they do 2 jobs.

The top row of 4 is done, just the cage fronts to fit and drawers, although I have to order the drawer floors online later when I know how the final sizes work out, they’re all bound to differ slightly so I’ll order them all to the smallest size.

You will notice that the larger plastic sheets are dark grey on one side, I didn’t realise this until I unwrapped the sheets yesterday. Thinking that I had a faulty batch I was told that they are reconstituted plastic …. hey-ho, I doing my bit in saving the planet !

Good progress on the cage block.

12 cages almost finished, I will decide what to do with the 4 on the bottom blanks later, but for now 12 breeding cages will be enough. I’m in the process of filling all of the joints with silicone, if I had made the block from wood etc, the paint would have filled these joints that are a haven for the bloody red-mite, but hopefully I’m doing enough to take care of them …. but you know the little buggers they just love a challenge!

I’m nearly ready to order the divs and drawer bases, at the rate that I’m working I reckon it will be another couple of weeks if not more before I am ready to get the birds down for breeding. 

Everything stopped at this stage in November 2017. I suffered a heart attack which was followed by a triple bypass operation, at the same time I developed a frozen right shoulder. It was many months of pain and recovery, it also affected my mental state which did nothing to help the tender situation. 

I started the build in about June time 2018, but very slowly and carefully – – – a very frustrating time for me and of course my lovely wife, Diane who was my strength to get going again.