This was the doorway to the Shed, it was a pain.

I couldn’t get any decent airflow trough the Shed when we had bad weather, or when we went out somewhere because in both cases the up and over door had to be closed. Security also needed to step up a bit ….. anyone can get through a garage door. If I was going to keep it, then it needed painting because it looked a bit worse for wear. I put an advert on Gumtree and sold it for £50 the very next day. I was ready for the conversion – Happy.


I didn’t take any photo’s of the progress unfortunately. It’s a  3″ x 2″ timber frame which I insulated with the left over polystyrene from the build. I bought a secondhand window from Gumtree at £20 and the door was given to me by my next door neighbour. He had 2 of them kicking about doing nothing ! All that was needed was a new lock, so that was an easy job. 

Security is very good now, the door is as solid as a rock – the window has a heavy wire frame on the inside, so that’s secure as well.

Even happier.