The Other Half


Now, I know what you’re expecting to read, but this is about developing the other half of the garage – sorry to disappoint.

From the very start of the build I wanted a sink and cupboards in the other half of the garage, but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. Then, by chance, we had a problem with the new kitchen installation in the house. This meant that all of the worktops had to come out and be replaced …. in doing that, it meant that the sink had to come out as well. I told the fitter that I wanted the old worktops, these would be great for my Shed. All going to plan in the house when the fitter told me that he had accidentally damaged the ceramic sink, so he had to get a new one. When I asked him what he was going to do with the old one he said it would be scrapped.

“Not on your nelly mate – I’ll have that”

Anyway, here’s a blow by blow account of how I got it up and running

The Drain

This was the first thing to consider, it would be no good having a sink if there wasn’t anywhere for the waste to go. The manhole cover was in a convenient place and so was the water feed by way of the existing outside tap which needed replacing anyway.

The drain cover was extremely heavy to lift out and took me and my neighbour to get it out to see what I was dealing with. It was all good, all I had to do was drill and bash a hole to take the waste pipe. My plan was to also move the electric feed to the garage and set it in the ground – you might be able to see the original feed on photo’s of the new front to the Shed. I dug out a channel to a good depth ready to take the cable and the new water feed from the house. The wall on the left hand side of the photo is the garage.

The Heater

This is a secondhand heater, almost new though. I got hold of a local plumber guy who fitted it for me, along with bringing in the water to the sink. This type of heater sits underneath a worktop which suits mt just fine. It’s very efficient, it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to get up to temperature from cold. I don’t keep it on all of the time, that would just be a waste of electricity. But seeing as it heats up so quickly, it’s not a problem when I need hot water in the Shed for cleaning etc. I still have the kettle in there, so if it’s just a cuppa or a small amount of hot water needed, then I opt for that. ………… and I’m tight, so I don’t like wasting money – having said that, it probably costs more to heat up the kettle … hey-ho.


Here’s a boring view of a pipe going into a drain !

I mentioned that I wanted to fit cupboards as well as a sink. These wall cupboards were also bought off Gumtree, £30 the lot – 3 doubles in good condition. You will have realised from this whole website that if I can get away with secondhand or low cost, I will go for it …… if it’s fit for purpose. I mean, why fork out hard earned cash for new  stuff ….. it’s an aviary after all. 

This is the ceramic sink, nice eh? Too good for a shed really ….. I bet you cant see where it was damaged either?



It took a few months to get to this stage for one reason or another. The water pipe has an insulated sleeve and sits inside the same type of white square drain pipe that you can see on the right top of the photo with the re-routed electricity supply, any gaps have been foamed in so that I can be assured of no frozen pipes either to the outside tap (which you cant see), or the supply into the shed. We covered the lots with pebbles – looks OK, quite pleased with the finished thing.